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I found the book The 5 Love Languageswritten by Gary Chapman to be interesting and useful. Check out these languages at www.5lovelanguages. com.
I imagine, when you look at the 5 love languages above, you can pretty accurately guess which ones(s) you connect with. Here comes the challenge … can you guess your spouses? This game just got a little harder, huh?
We all respond differently to each of these languages.   One might mean the world to you while another isn’t even noticed.  I think we automatically give to our spouses in the language(s) that we respond to.  Is it instinct or simply a hint?  Either way, these actions correlate with our love language(s) not necessarily our spouses.
Communication and appreciation are important in every successful relationship.  Sometimes, it’s hard to put into words what you need – not to mention figuring out what your spouse needs.
Knowing each others love language(s) can assist you in taking your connection, love, and appreciation for each other to a whole new level.
Check out the free quiz at 5lovelanguages.com.
5 Love Languages

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