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In November, we will be hosting our niece’s wedding.  As you can imagine, the projects at our home have begun in preparation for the big day!  As we were pouring concrete and hauling brick pavers for our patio addition this past weekend, I thought of the similarities between building, maintaining a home, and having a happy marriage.  That thought has stuck with me. If you’re thinking it’s a tad far fetched, just bare with me.
There are many steps to building and taking care of a home. These steps can protect your home from falling apart, leaking, or toppling over during the first big storm. Do you remember the story THE THREE LITTLE PIGS? The wolf huffed and puffed trying to blow the houses down. Only one of the houses was built strong enough to handle the wolf’s attempts. THAT’S THE KIND OF HOUSE I WANT!
Having a strong foundation to build on is crucial before you begin construction. The same applies to your marriage. My husband and I are the foundation; however, our foundations are separate and do not intertwine at this point. We each need to focus on our own well-bring, faith, and personal goals. If we aren’t individually strong, happy, and fulfilled, our foundation will be weak and unstable.
From there, our foundations combine to build a sturdy house and a strong relationship turning our house into a home. Our marriage is our home. It’s constructed with many of the building blocks of life. Keep in mind, the attributes: gratitude, integrity, honesty, caring, understanding, unity, and romance. Basically, anything that helps us build and maintain a strong relationship with each other. Other things can be and do become a part of our home; kids, hobbies, technology, and work. Be cautious as these things can also become stressors (the wolf and storm) and threaten our home if we’re not careful.
Maintaining solid foundations and a sturdy home will help us withstand the wolf, the storms, and anything else that blows our way. THAT’S THE KIND OF RELATIONSHIP I WANT!
It takes effort to keep our home in working condition, up to date, and structurally sound. The same applies to our marriage. It takes effort to keep our marriage strong and our romance alive. IT’S WORTH THE EFFORT!

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