Tips to prepare you for Mondays

What is so bad about Mondays?

If you think Mondays are miserable, what is it about Mondays that is so bad: the ending of something good or the beginning of chaos?  It probably depends on your outlook, what you enjoy, and what you have going on.

For me Monday represents both!

The ending of quality time. On average my husband  60 hours a week (Monday -Friday) so our weekends are a chance to:

  • connect (individually and as a family
  • sleep in
  • catch up on life
  • household to-do’s
  • activities
  • date night

We do most of these things together, in fact we end many of our dates at The Home Depot. LOL

Say hello to chaos.  Monday seems like the beginning of a storm.  You have the forecast, but you never know if the wind might shift and the storm won’t hit you area or maybe the meteorologist was wrong and there’s a tornado coming.

  • my husbands busy and in the zone
  • my business
  • kids in school
  • sports
  • keeping up with kids
  • household to-do’s
Kristin Tetlow life coach

Dont' dread Mondays, plan for mondays

Here are tips to help you embrace Monday (and the coming week) instead of bracing for the weeks unknown storm.

  • Be prepared
    • Plan out your week, but focus on one day at at time
  • Don’t stress about changing your plan if needed
    • Change is our one constant in life might as well embrace it
  • Practice gratitude daily
    • keeps your thought positive

Have your goals or vision board somewhere you can see it

    • keeps you moving towards something you want not something you don’t want
  • Smile and take a deep breath when stress takes over
    • To relax you and calm you down
  • Don’t forget to exercise
    • it’s a stress reducer, attitude improver, moral booster, sex enhancer, disease fighter, …
  • Practice Gladitude
    • finding good things within a negative situation

Next Monday, don’t fret – take it head on and make the most of your week (storms and all).

It is possible,


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