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5 Ways To Help Your Husband Relax After Work

Is your other half’s job stressful, is he wiped when he gets home from work?  Whether he owns his own business, is trying to climb the corporate ladder, or has a physically or emotionally demanding job; the results are the same.  It takes time, stamina, drive, and focus for him to be successful.  Add in technology, a wife, kids, business dinners, business trips, hobbies, exercise, and now he’s tapped out and stressed out. The stress they feel affects the whole family.

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5 Way To Help Your Husband Decrease Stress

  1. Understand what his workdays are like.  You can help from home, but only if you know what he’s dealing with at work.  Have you ever sat down with your husband and talked to him about his job?  Not just asking how his day was, I mean be curious about the environment he works in:
    1. What does he do at work?
    2. Is the environment he works in stressful?
    3. Is his job physically or emotionally demanding?
    4. Does he have any downtime or is it go-go-go all day long?
  2. Never stop encouraging him. Be supportive, encouraging, and positive – everyone needs a cheerleader … even our husbands!
  3. Give him space to decompress. We all need time to wind down when we’ve been stressed or overwhelmed.  This is especially important if they drive home in rush hour after working all day.  It’s different with everyone, but a few ideas are: exercise, quite time, read, take a talk, play with the kids/pets, …
  4. Ask if there’s something you can do to help. Maybe he’s got a chore at home you could take on for him.
  5. Give him a shoulder rub while he’s on the computer or chillin’ on the couch.  Many people hold their stress in their traps (tops of shoulders) so this might be just what the doctor ordered.  Plus physical touch is relaxing and it’s a great way to show him you care.

I hope you have a few ideas of how you can help your husband relax after work.   Having a less stressed husband will help him, you, and your entire home.  It’s not about perfection ~ it’s about connection.

It is possible,


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