Stop thinking negative thoughts

Breaking your cycle of negativity

Not only are 80% of our thoughts negative, but 95% of them are repetitive.  So basically, we mostly think negative thoughts repetitively – THAT SUCKS!
I’d like to introduce you to the cycle of negativity.  Using this image, if a thought is negative you will end up with negative feelings, taking actions based on those negative feelings, and will end with a negative result; which will most likely validate your belief and the cycle will repeat.  It’s almost like a storm cloud hovering over your head, isn’t it.  In turn the same could be said about positive thoughts, but unfortunately we don’t have as many of those.
Is it possible for us to change this cycle?  Absolutely, however, it’s important to remember that the only person we can change is ourselves.  We CANNOT change other people, only they can do that.  Trying to change other people causes frustration for you and them (and will most likely backfire).
Here are a few ideas for taking control and creating the shift from negative to positive.
  • Make a personalized positive affirmation
    • Our inner critic is quick to speak up about us not being good enough, fast enough, skinny enough, smart enough, the list is endless, but we are the only one that can silence it.  A positive affirmation is a statement of where you want to be as if you are already there so you have more positive thoughts and feeling (which lead to actions and results).  Read it out loud to yourself daily.
  • Smile and fake it
    • Yep, it’s just like it sounds!  Smile and fake it.  It’s difficult to hold a negative thought and smile at the same time.  Give it a try: your goal is to smile and think of something negative.  You must keep smiling … don’t stop smiling.  What happened to your thought(s)?  Usually the negative thought(s) change to be positive or neutral.  Faking it in itself without other practices usually doesn’t work, you need to take action and put effort into you and changing your behavior.
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach

Smile 🙂

Here’s the best reason of all to use positive affirmations and to smile – because you’ll eventually make it!  I’m not a science person so I’ll explain this in my way.  Basically, we can rewire our brains.  You see our brains are filled with thousands of pathways.  The pathways that get used frequently are nicely trimmed and easy to travel (aka our habits).  The pathways that we don’t use very often are overgrown and hard to travel (like walking through a dense forest without a trail).  It is natural for our mind and body to take the path of least resistance.  Ever heard the phrase “old habits are hard to break”?  This is why.  There is hope though.  As we use the overgrown pathways, by doing something new like positive thinking, our brain starts to clean the path making it easier and easier to travel.  If we keep this up, eventually the new path (new habit of positive thinking) with become automatic instead of the old path (old habit of negative thinking).
We are the creators and controllers of our life and the energy we are made of.   So it’s up to us to make the shift and it starts with our thoughts.  What do you want in life and how do you want to be perceived, because the RESULT is a reflection of you and your attitude

It is possible,


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