Relationship Warning Sign

Regular maintenance is required

Wouldn’t it be nice if your relationship/marriage, like your car, came with a manual and/or early warning system.  It would be super helpful if there was an alarm or flashing light to tell you when something was wrong or not working properly, so you could work on it instead of breaking down (breaking up).
We have more information about taking care of our car than we do our relationships.  Think about it, we work to maintain our cars appearance, change the oil, rotate the tires, all in the name of getting from one place to another.  The beauty of our car is we do all of that and if there’s a problem a warming light will illuminate telling us that something needs to be fixed.   Maybe you used the wrong oil, you’re running out of gas, there’s no windshield wiper fluid, your tire pressure is low, and so on.  When you get a check engine light, you fix it because if you don’t you are stuck without transportation.
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach

Does your relationship need a tune-up?

What do we do for our relationship?  How do we know when there’s an issue?  Do we pay close enough attention to our significant other and their needs to even know if they’re running low on fumes?    When I say issue, I’m referring to all things big and small (communication, sex life, work-life balance, unfulfilled needs, romance, physical touch, support, honesty, infidelity, etc).
Don’t forget to maintain your relationship just like you do your car.  If your car is running low on gas you fill it up ~ if your relationship is running low on steam do something to fill it up.
I think most of the time we are on auto pilot.  We’re all busy living life, raising kids, and working that we forget to connect and to foster our love and romance.
Is the CHECK ENGINE light for your relationship on?

It is possible,


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