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 Correct me if I am wrong, but having an event at your home is the best way to get it spic and span.  With the rehearsal dinner only 15 days away and the wedding only 17,  I’m a little stressed.  My goal is to cross off my to do list as soon as possible. (Yes, I should have started sooner, I know)!  The problem is that I’m adding things to my list faster than I’m crossing them off. Feels a little like I’m spinning my wheels. Thank goodness this is a family event and there is help all around. Other wise, I would be a mess. Last night after my son and I got home from running errands, I just plopped down and wanted to relax.  What sounded good was a relaxing bubble bath surrounded by candles, music, and a glass of wine.  Needless to say, NO INTERRUPTIONS!  Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it. The thought totally made me think back to when I was a kid watching those Calgon Commercials – ha ha!  Do you remember them? “Calgon take me away”.  We all benefit from relaxation and taking “me” time. Why don’t we do it more often?  I’ll tell you why – not enough time, to much on our to do list, to tired, kids, etc..

Next time you’re stressed and need to relax try to squeeze in a few minutes for yourself.  Maybe a bath isn’t what you want or have time for, but find something to do that will help you calm down and relax.  You will be glad you did.

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