Practicing Gladitude

What is Gladitude?

Last week a friend and I were talking about gratitude and how important it is to embracing life, living life to its fullest, and being the best “you” you can be.  It’s easy to get caught up in the negative happenings in life, allowing our thoughts and feelings to slither into the dark abyss of negativity and focusing on the things you don’t have or things that are going wrong.
During our discussion, she introduced me to a different form of gratitude … she called it “gladitude”.   It’s a mixture of being glad, gratitude, and attitude.  Like gratitude, gladitute is being thankful for things, but she uses it during a time when she would be stressed, unhappy, or frustrated.
Practicing gladitude basically means looking for the positives in the negatives or focusing on what went right within the wrong.  I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I love it!  The key is to catch yourself in the act of being negative about something and switch your focus to the positive(s) in the situation.  You might be upset that something happened, but what are you glad about in regards to that situation?  There’s always something to be glad about.
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach

It feels good to find the positives within a something negative

Here’s an example:  Last night I was cleaning up after dinner, by myself – no one else was helping.  I had already spent over an hour cooking and now the rest of the family was talking at the table while I was up cleaning.  I could feel myself start to get frustrated that they weren’t helping me and I began focusing on the negatives – I was doing it all, no one was helping me, they were being lazy, they don’t appreciate the hard work I put into dinner and now I’m cleaning up after it to, … you get the idea.  My thoughts and feelings were negative.  Yuck! And I felt yucky too!  Now switching my thoughts to those of gladitude-  I am “glad” that my husband (who worked hard all day) had a chance to sit with my kids and visit with them about their day, I’m “glad” he is engaged and interested in their lives,  I’m “glad” I had the means to make them a healthy dinner, I’m “glad” I’m able to cook for them, … you get the idea.
It’s about shifting your thoughts and your attitude to something you’re “glad” about.  I also realized I can sit down with them and enjoy the conversation  (the dishes can wait).  When we are finished, I can ask for their help in cleaning up after dinner – frustration averted!
Next time you are in a situation that is causing you to be stressed, unhappy, or frustrated I invite you to give it a try and see if it helps you shift your prospective and change the outcome of the situation.
It feels good to be GLAD!

It is possible,


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