Not Enough Time in the Day

I'm so busy!

A common reply I hear when I ask someone how they are is: I’m sooo busy.  I’ll admit that I have been guilty of this as well. I’ve recently decided that it’s such a generic reply.  I mean honestly, who’s not busy?
Then I started wondering; why do we say it…
  • Is it to make ourselves feel better about what we did or didn’t get done.
  • Are we trying to impress someone or to look important/needed?
  • Is it an excuse for not doing something for/with someone?
  • Are we just responding to be polite?
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach Not Enough Time in the day

I need to be more efficient with my time

No matter the reason – I think it’s lame response and it’s something that I’m personally going to work on in 2019.  We all have the same amount of time each and every day (24 hours = 86,400 seconds); no more – no less.  I want my time to be filled with positivity anWe all have demands placed on us and we all fill our time individually with what we choose to do and that’s OK!
If I’m feeling too busy and it’s overwhelming me, I’m not going to burden anyone else with it.  Instead I’m going to
do things for me that will help me be more balanced and happier in my day to day activities like:
  • Limiting my cell phone use (especially when I’m with others),
  • Being present (physically and mentally) for those around me
  • Planning out my days and prioritizing my tasks with intent and purpose
  • Relaxing and giving myself a break if my productivity is lacking
  • Not comparing myself to others and what they accomplish

It is possible,


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