Learning to Take Care of Yourself

Put your name on the top of your to do list

Have you ever heard the saying, you can’t pour from an empty cup?  If you physically and emotionally give your all to others and put their needs before your own, it’s time to FILL UP YOUR CUP and make yourself a priority.  It’s your responsibility to take care of yourself and to make yourself happy.  No one, I repeat no one is going to do it for you.
The first step in making yourself a priority is creating a plan.
I know, if you’re a giver, it’s not often that you focus on what you need.  Now’s the time –  print the blank plan below, follow the steps, and make it your own.  This experience will leave you feeling good inside and out and loving yourself – no matter what.
Create your SELF-LOVE-PLAN by filling in the INFINITY CIRCLES with the goals you choose for yourself.   (I’ve attached mine below.)  Keep in mind the following categories: physical, lifestyles, relationships, spiritual, and mental.

Love yourself and make yourself a priority

The infinity shape symbolizes forever, always, or never ending possibilities.  Applying that symbol around your self-love plan reminds you that this too is never ending.  Throughout life most of our needs will remain the same, but feel free to modify your plan as your life and needs change.  Also, many of our needs apply to both circles, to save room, I just listed them in the circle I felt fit the best.
Check it daily to remind yourself of your plan to FILL UP YOUR CUP. (My mind is going so many directions that I have to write things down or I’ll forget – for me this is no different.)
Make a commitment to yourself.  LOVE YOURSELF AND MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY!
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach Self Love Plan

It is possible,


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