How To Be Easier On Yourself

Love yourself along the way

When I was younger, I remember being frustrated and down on myself because I wasn’t who/what I thought I should be – my inner critic was rearing her ugly head (and trust me she is not nice!).  Back then I correlated happiness to an end goal and felt frustrated with myself because I wasn’t there.
I’ve changed my prospectives over the years and no longer get down on myself for where I am in life, actually now it’s the opposite. My life is a my journey … it has ups, downs, twists, turns, starts, stops, yields, and u-turns.  My personal goal is to be present on my journey and not put so much focus and attention on the goal.
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach I can do it

I'm not there yet

Don’t get me wrong, I have goals and I’m excited when reaching them (my favorite thing is physically checking them off of my list), but now it’s more about the journey and enjoying the ride.
I’m doing that by:
  • continually working on myself
  • remembering I’m not perfect and loving myself anyways
  • not giving up when I get stuck or frustrated
  • practicing gratitude
  • adjusting my goals along the way
  • embracing change (because it is our one constant in life)
  • being there for others, but not taking on their stress or bad vibes (this is a huge one for me due to my personality type and can create a road block to my happiness

Three very important words are:  PATIENCE, PRACTICE, & PERSISTENCE.

My moto is “I’m not there … yet”.  It’s ok that I haven’t reached a goal(s) because I’m learning things about my self everyday and I’m happy being me.
My wish for you is to enjoy the ride your on, bumps and all and embrace the lessons life throws your way and knock ’em out of the park.

It is possible,


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