How To Parent As A Team

Parenting Is A Team Sport

As our children grow into adults there will most likely be challenges and times that you and your spouse are not aligned on punishment, rules, a course of action, freedom to grow, supporting adult children, etc.

I’ve noticed personally and professionally that communication and working together as a couple to find an answer is critical to everyone’s happiness. Now this doesn’t mean one dictates and the other gives in because that may breed resentment and frustration.  I said working together – give and take – coming up with a solution that both off you can live with.

How To Parent As A Team

When it comes to parenting we all need to open up our minds and our hearts to other opinions, possibilities, and outcomes.

This may not be an easy task and it may take time, but staying united as a couple when raising our kids (whether step or biological) and not allowing the challenges to separate us (as couples) is important to our entire family and our marriage.

It is possible,


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