Looking For Validation

Have you ever been stuck in a box?

Most of us have beens tuck in our “BOX”.  To be honest it’s comfortable and we want to be right about things!  What am I talking about, it’s our box of feeling validated.  When we are in our box we are stuck in our own opinion and not interested in others thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.  I mean, no body likes to be wrong … right?  The issue here is that we see changing our opinion as us being wrong or weak, when in fast it’s us being smart and open minded.   Instead of thinking of it as being wrong, ask yourself: what is my end goal, is it worth the frustration to prove that I “might be right”, and what if I’m right only in my mind (this is the case more often than not, we all have our own opinions and experiences)?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach

Heading To Break Up Text

A simple scenario:
You’re frustrated with your husband, co-worker, or child about something so you call your friend to vent.  You are in your BOX and you are looking for support and validation from your friend that your are in the right, which will keep you in your box of frustration.  When  your friend validates your feelings/frustration you will feel justified for your feelings, you will think you are right about the situation, and be less likely to change your thinking or be open minded.  Frustrated is an unhappy place to be.
Instead of calling a friend for validation, think about your end goal, what’s really causing the frustration, and is there another way around the frustration to get to the goal.  Call a friend for support, ideas, and to call you our when your lot looking at both sides, not for validation!
“Do something uncomfortable today.  By stepping out of your box, you don’t have to settle for what you are – you get to CREATE who you want to become”
~ Howard Walstein ~
So, are you In or OUT?

It is possible,


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