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I had the privilege of attending a charity fundraiser this week that included a fashion show hosted by Neiman Marcus.  It was such a fun afternoon!  The fundraiser was a HUGE success and the fashion show was FABULOUS!  As I watched the young girls strut stone-faced down the catwalk, I found myself looking for a dress that I would wear, could wear, and might look good in.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not shaped like a fashion model.  They were all tall, skinny, slim legged, and had little-to-no boobs.

Pardon me while I climb on my soap box for a minute.  For years, I have looked at models and mannequins wondering why we don’t see them in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Clothing being modeled may look better on a 20 year old with slim legs and no boobs; But, that is not the reality for most women.  In addition, I wonder why they don’t model more everyday clothes.  Sure, I like to get dressed up, go out on a date, or attend an occasional fundraising event. However, I spend most of my days in workout clothes, casual shorts/jeans, or a comfy dress.

I have seen a few ideas on Pinterest and Like-To-Know-It, which features more everyday clothing, but for the most part, they have the same shaped models as mentioned above.  How about some advice for a woman with an athletic build, hips, boobs, muffin top, thighs that touch, etc.
I seriously wish someone would take this on and give us some quick, easy, and versatile fashion advice.  What I’m wishing for might already exist and I just don’t know about it.  If it’s out there, let me know and I’ll share it.   If you know someone that is fashion “savvy” and fits our needs, please send them my way so I can add some of their suggestions to my blog.
Women are universal in that we all want to look cute and feel confident when we look in the mirror. What we wear plays a huge role in that.  However, we also need to accept who we are and love every inch of ourselves (curves and all.)  OK, I’m off of my soap box now.
Here’s to dressing stylish and feeling confident!  Fashio
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