Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

What do you wear to Bed

Do you sleep in the buff or do you wear jammies to bed?  I know that’s kind of a personal question and honestly, I’m not looking for an answer – just giving you something to think about.
If you wear jammies, here’s two very important questions – what do they look like and what message do they send to your spouse?  Are they frumpy, sexy, boring, cute, ok, worn out, or just down right sad?
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach Benefits of sleeping naked

I would, but ...

What you wear to bed is another way to tell your spouse that you’re confident, interested and open for business OR on the flip it could tell him your insecure, tired, and not in the mood.
I can here you talking now, but the kids might walk in or need me in the middle of the night so I need to be dressed appropriately.  Yes, that might be a hurtle you’ll need to cross but the connection you’ll create in your marriage is worth the effort.
FYI: There have been several articles published recently about the health benefits of sleeping naked 😮 (see below for a few links).
I believe what we wear to bed is a piece in our marriage and romance puzzle.
What do you think?  Do you need to go shopping?  Not sure – you could always ask your spouse.
Are you thinking … I hope so!

It is possible,


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