Banning Late Night Emails

No after hours emails ... tell me more

Hmmm, sounds interesting doesn’t it.
What? No more emails and texts after work hours – that sounds too good to be true?  Maybe ~ maybe not.  France passed a “right to disconnect” law in 2017 and the concept was brought in the US recently.
Kristin Tetlow Life Coach

Heading To Break Up Text

I mean seriously most people already work 40 hours a week at work.  Add in time on their phones after hours or when they’re at home and it’s taking over their lives.  I understand that it is required in some instances ,I’m not discounting that fact, but I think the dedication expected from employers is negatively affecting families, homes, and lives.  There needs to be a balance of home, health, and work.
The below article really intrigued me and I wanted to share it.  There are a lot of variables and it may not pass or work as expected, but a least it was brought up as an issue here in the US as well.

It is possible,


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