Practice Gratitude Daily

Practice Gratitude Daily

This morning I didn’t let my over flowing to do list dictate my mood.  Instead, I took a few minutes to focus on me and what I’m grateful for.
Have you ever experienced a busy mind first thing in the morning?  As soon as your morning alarm goes off, if not sooner, you begin to think of all the things in the day that you need to accomplish. You feel behind, overwhelmed, and stressed before you’re even out of bed. These feelings can have an influence on your entire day and not in a positive way.
I believe every morning is a fresh start that can have a positive outcome.  Allow yourself a few minutes each and every morning to reach your arms over your head and extend your toes towards the end of the bed – completely stretching out your body.  Relax and take in a few deep breaths. Think about five relationships, people, or things that you are grateful for (be specific). You can even send them a silent thank you. Thinking big is ok, but don’t be afraid to think small. There are so many things in life for us to be grateful for.  Once you get going, you may have a hard time stopping.  Practicing gratitude can warm your heart, remove negativity, and leave you with a peaceful feeling as you begin your day.
I’d like to say I do this every morning, but sometimes I’m in a hurry or simply forget. However, I feel so much more relaxed and in control of my day when I start my mornings off practicing GRATITUDE. I highly recommend it.
Speaking of gratitude, I am truly grateful that you are part of my life.
Practice Gratitude Daily

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