Cell Phones And Family

We live in a fast paced society that is technologically driven.  My husband frequently says “you can’t stop technology”.   So our new goal is “use it, but don’t abuse it”.

Evenings are for us – all phones are down for an hour or two.  We enjoy our time to eat dinner, talk about our days, take a walk, work out, and to just enjoy each others company without the distraction of email, texts, or social media.

Cell phones and family

Cell Phones Are Ruining Relationships

If you let it, your cell phone can ruin your relationship.   We want our marriage and our relationship with our kids to stay strong so we like to spend some time with each other connecting, not just in the same room with each other; noses buried in our phones.  It’s super easy to get sucked into our phone and ignore the people around us.

Using your phone while in a conversation or while your spending time with someone is inconsiderate.  Your basically telling that person your phone (or what ever your doing on it) is more important than them.  Our spouses need and deserve our attention and so do our kids (and we need theirs!).

Put Your Phone Down

I know that putting your phone down might be easier said than done, but give it a try.  Giving our loved ones the attention they deserve is priceless and honestly that’s time with them we’re never going to get back.

Although this is our goal, we’re flexible and know that life happens and sometimes something on our phones needs attention.

We also help keep each other in check, but a word of advice: be kind about it and practice what you preach.  We’re not looking for perfection, just connection.

It is possible,


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