14 Day Intimacy Challenge

Improve Your Relationship

Looking for a personal challenge to improve your relationship and add some spice back into your love life?

The next 14 days are about connection and rekindling the spark in your marriage (you know- that spark you let simmer down as you are busy with your day to day activities, yep that one!).  Or maybe you’ve been acting like roommates instead of soulmates ~ It’s time to put your marriage and your spouse on the top of your priority list.

Kristin Tetlow Life Coach 14 day intimacy challenge

What Is Intimacy?

Before we start any thing let me give you the definition of intimacy [in-ti-ma-cy] noun (1) close familiarity or friendship; closeness (2) a private cozy atmosphere (3) an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse.   Now you have some wiggle room for this challenge. Only you and your spouse know what level of intimacy you’re currently at.  Remember the goal is to make improvement and this challenge will get the ball rolling.

Starting February 1st

  • 14 consecutive days of intimacy with your spouse
  • Be creative
  • Just a few ideas:
    • Send sexy reminder texts to your spouse during the day
    • Start off with a back rub, foot rub, or bubble bath
    • Lock your door
    • Read the Jammies or NO Jammiespost from September 😉
    • Light candles or play music – honestly the possibilities are endless!
  • Possible things to talk about before you start:
    • What does intimacy to each of you?
    • What to do if you have an interruption (kids, work, travel, …)?
    • What could this do for your relationship?

Results from Last Years Intimacy Challenge

  • “We made it 9 days, which is better than our previous number”
  • “Wow, it totally changed our sex life and we continued the challenge for over 4 weeks”
  • “The more we had sex, the more I want sex”
  • “It made us go to bed at the same time instead of separately”
  • “We were still tired, but we didn’t let that stop us”
  • “Our connection grew stronger and more flirty”
  • “It brought the spark back into our marriage”

Take the initiative to create intimacy in your marriage.

Make it personal and turn it into whatever you and your spouse want it to be.  The goal: have fun, be flexible, and be creative.  It’s not about perfection; it’s about connection.

Turn up the heat just in time for Valentine’s Day! f

It is possible,


Spread happiness.  Please share my blog with any women you feel could benefit <3

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