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Kristin Tetlow

I started my journey in health and wellness in 2003, the more I learned, the more I wanted to share with others so after a few years I decided to take my passion to the next level and I became a certified group fitness instructor.

It has been non-stop since then. I am now certified in 15 group fitness formats including:

✓ Pilates Instructor
✓ Personal Trainer
✓ Nutritional Therapist
✓ Sports Nutrition Specialist
✓ Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist
✓ Integrative Life Coach
✓ And Group Fitness Instructor in 15 Other Formats

– Joseph Pilates –

Pilates helps my clients

Feel better, move without pain, stand taller, be more flexible, have better balance, and feel more confident.

Pilates is a time-tested movement practice that improves how your body moves, functions, and feels.  It strengthens and lengthens muscles while reducing stress and tension in the mind and body.  

The Pilates Method focuses on:

Pilates Helps you be centered


All movements originate from the center of the body.

Pilates Control your body


Control is essential to the quality of every movement.

Pilates takes concentration


The mind-body connection is at the very core of Pilates.

Pilates precision


Precise moves increases the efficiency of each move.

Pilates Breathing


Proper breathing enhances core engagement and muscular control.

Pilates Flow


Constant flowing movement challenges muscles more than other methods of exercise.

Pilates Awareness


Feeling the body’s alignment, movement, and positioning throughout the workout.


Improving the overall attitude, outlook, and happiness of participants.

Take Control of Your Health

55-minute session customized around your objectives and with your body in mind. Private sessions provide the full studio experience and are ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels. 

Kristin’s private studio is located in Mesa, AZ

In-home sessions are possible for the regular hourly fee plus travel time. Contact me for a quote.

Single Session


Pack of 10 Sessions


What clients say

In my studio I offer one-on-one sessions utilizing classic Pilates equipment; including the Reformer w/ Tower, the Wunda Chair, and the Spine Corrector.  I also include many useful props: like the Magic Circle, the Reformer Jump Board, Balls, Booty Bands, TRX, Ballet Barre, Bosu, Stability Ball, small weights, and a corner CXT1000 machine.

Your training will be well-rounded. You will have fun while training and never get bored doing the same things over and over – because you won’t!

Kristin works with a wide range of clients, from athletes to those just trying to improve their basic activities of daily living.  She will help you control your body and your breath in new ways so use the correct muscle(s) to do each movement.  There isn’t a workout you will find that matches her fun yet challenging style of one-on-one Pilates training.

Kristin’s private studio is located in Mesa, AZ


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